"I can't say enough wonderful things about Logan, as a person or a breeder. I got my ball python from him back in 2010. While I've always loved snakes, I'd never had one as a pet and wasn't sure where to start. With Logan though, there is no guesswork.
He not only breeds amazing morphs, but he makes sure to tame them and have them feeding properly before he sells them. My ball has never struck out or tried to bite, which is super important in keeping my children comfortable around him. I am forever full of questions. Is he ready for a bigger tank? What do I do if he didn't fully shed? Why won't he eat?.three years later and I am still in constant contact with Logan over every little thing snake-related.
He absolutely knows his reptiles, plus he is very patient and understanding. Any snake you get from Logan is sure to be gorgeous and have a gentle disposition. I would never buy a snake from anyone else. In my opinion, the quality of reptile you get for the price, you'd be hard pressed to find something comparable.
Like I said, I can't say enough about Logan. He has been nothing short of incredible, and my snake is perfect!!"

-Karen Edwards
Lubbock, TX

"Over the past 15 years I have done business with some of the biggest and most respected breeders out there. Logan and I started doing business about 5 years ago, and there is no breeder whom I trust more than him.
Experience tells me that I can trust Logan to be every bit the professional that the biggest breeders are while giving every animal that he has the highest quality care.
In fact, when the travel expectations picked up with my job and I found the need to sale my reptiles there were some select animals that I just could not bring myself to sale to just anyone.
I chose to pass these animals along to Logan knowing that they would lead long happy lives in his care. If you want an animal that has been treated right from a breeder who will do right buy you buy from Logan."

-Eric Briscoe
Mansfield, TX

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